Welcome to Open Enrollment 2014

October 21 – November 1, 2013 (at 6 pm)

• Detailed benefit plan information can be accessed via the following links: 2014 Open Enrollment Workbook – Active Employees and the 2014 Open Enrollment Workbook - Retirees. You are encouraged to access your Workbook for more in-depth information prior to starting the Open Enrollment process.

• Instructions specific to Open Enrollment, the initial password scheme and a review of any changes or new features for 2014 are included in the above noted links as well.

• *ALL social security numbers for enrolled persons must be provided or enrollment is incomplete. Please have these available to include in the Open Enrollment tool before starting.*

• Please note that most screens in the Open Enrollment tool include “help” on the upper right corner of the screen and include the Workbook links shown above. Help is also available by contacting the Employee Benefits department at ext. 2299 during the hours of 7am -6pm, Monday through Thursday.

SPECIAL NOTE: if you add a spouse or dependent(s) to any of your medical, dental or vision benefit options during Open Enrollment, you must provide a copy of documentation that verifies your relationship status, e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate or legal custody documentation. THIS DOCUMENTATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS DEPARTMENT, NO LATER THAN 6 PM ON NOVEMBER 14, 2013 or your spouse or dependent addition cannot be processed until the next Open Enrollment period or you experience a Special Enrollment status change event and timely notify of that event.

• This tool may be used to enroll in or make changes to Supplemental Life and Short Term Disability as well as for updating your beneficiaries.

• Please make sure to complete ALL sections of Open Enrollment and refer to the Summary Enrollment screen to track progress. After completion of each section the system returns to the enrollment summary to reflect the new selections. Some screens require a click on the “Back to Enrollment Summary”.

Open Enrollment is closed at this time.