This service is available for Residential Customers Only. Commercial customers wanting to add additional utility services must contact our Business Office.  Before you complete this request, please review our Service Policy for Utility Customers (.pdf file) and the City's Utility Rates .

***This request is only for current customers wanting to add/activate additional services to their current utility account.
If you have any questions, please call 480-644-2221 or toll free 1-866-406-9659.

* Indicates a required field.  If you decline to provide this information, you must come into one of our Business Offices to establish utility service.


Customer Information
  *Last Name  
  *First Name  
  Middle Initial  
  *Utility Account Number (12 digits)  
  *Last 4 Social Security Number  
*Date of Birth
  *eMail Address  
  *Residential Phone Number  
Date of Request (Please allow 2-3 business days to complete this request.  Utility service is activated Monday through Thursday, excluding City holidays.)
  *Preferred Service Activation Date  

Additional Services Being Requested (If requesting gas to be turned on, we will contact you to set up an appointment as an adult is required to be present at the premises at the time of activation).



Service Address    
  *Street Address
  Unit Number
  *Zip Code
Mailing Address (if different than service address)
  Address or PO Box
  Unit Number
  Zip Code


Deposit Information

Residential customers are generally required to place a deposit as security for payment of utility bills before utility services will be turned on.  Deposits may be waived if the applicant has had comparable service with Mesa in the past two (2) years, was not delinquent in payment more than twice during the past twelve (12) consecutive months or been disconnected for nonpayment during the past twelve (12) months.  Deposits do not accrue interest.


                             Service Connection Charges
Administrative Fee (one per account)   $11.00 plus tax
Electric   $16.00 plus tax
Gas  $32.00 plus tax
Water   $16.00 plus tax
                              Deposit Amounts  
Electric   $265.00
Gas  $125.00
Solid Waste  $ 60.00
Wastewater  $ 50.00
Water  $100.00

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